Well, This Is Awkward…

I made this blog in a fit of spontaneous motivation. I had planned on posting regularly. It’s been at least…at LEAST a month…or three. Well because I live in New York and it’s almost March, it’s just been deemed ‘blog posting day.’ Why does NY and March have anything to do with me typing up the recipes I’ve been promising, the tips I’ve been stashing away? Because in NY, you can get 4 inches of snow in 45 minutes when it was 50 freaking degrees the day before.

It may take some time to get the ball (blog!) rolling. I have a three month old, a two year old, and usually a breast pump attached to me at all times. Right now two of those three are on me. The other is pretending he’s a goat eating cheerios off the floor. Maybe they taste better; I don’t know. I just blame all the weird creepy traits he has on his father. (I know I didn’t chew the crib up as a 6 month old. Or eat wasabi off a fork. And I certainly did not constantly stick one hand up my nose and the other in the front of my diaper.) So please be patient with me as a single mama, coupon activist, Baking extremist, work out enthusiast, sleep deprived, crazy woman.


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