The Internet Court

We as society want everything quickly, efficiently, and profound enough that we can only spend as minute a time as possible to judge, assess, and react to a situation. Everything these days is about the convenience of speed-and it is making us shitty people.

The one thing I really dislike about how social media controls us is that everyone is given the option to become a juror and judge, and in turn feel the need to hold others accountable despite not having all the evidence. Media is meant to get ratings and what better way than click bait? But a vast number of social media users will see multiple stories with the same gripping title, do little to no research, and then quickly determine a course of action. While in the best intentions for social justice-this does not mean that course of action is correct.

Ruining someone’s life, getting them fired from their job, claiming racial injustices or police brutality before knowing the facts-all things happening daily. Boycotting companies over one story someone read-

While some of these things DO happen and we SHOULD feel the need to become activists, We as a whole need to learn to do research before condemning innocent people.

For example-right now the news story is that police in FL watched three teenage girls drown and did nothing. This is spreading like wildfire. However, there is much to the story not told in click bait. If people did research before spreading the stories on Facebook, they might have a more informed, changed opinion.

This is not to say that some of these cases need not be brought to light. They should. Without social media an oblivious bubble would still be hovering over many needed justifications. Police brutality has been reformed, breastfeeding advocacy. Racial issues are begging for our attention-and yes they deserve it.

But when was the last time you got the whole, unbiased story on Facebook? Innocent people have been fired, lost their homes and families because the internet took things TOO FAR. Just because someone claims police brutality does not make it so. Not every issue is a race fueled injustice. Do these things happen? YES. I will not deny that. But people-not EVERYTHING is black and white. And not everything can be determined from a 30 second video clip and someone across the country’s opinion on the matter as a caption.

Facebook does not give you the right to be a juror nor does it give you the right to be a judge. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone will gossip and talk about these stories. It has been this way for centuries. But when did the ease and speed of social media give us the power to take things one step further and control the situation?

Not everything you read online, despite even being from Reliable News Sources is correct. In a pressurized haste to get the story out before everyone else, mistakes can be and are made.

Sandy Hook was a shit storm. Everyone was so in a rush with their information that the story did not come out until some time later-ending up creating conspiracy theories, angry families, and people taking things into their own hands-all because we as society couldn’t wait to hear the news as it came.

The local story of Baby Maddox-the missing baby murdered by her father-came out with information in spurts. While time sensitive material can be of the utmost focus for the people actively searching for the missing baby at the time, it did not help when pressured police and news were giving out incorrect or misleading information. Was this done intentionally? No, of course not. But it didn’t stop from confusion and frustration by all parties.

We as society need to slow our roll. Will that happen? I highly doubt that. Impatience and technology’s increase in capacity has brought us to the point where we are going to destroy ourselves. There is a fine line between improving lives and impeding them. Where are we going to draw that line?

Why don’t we start with using common sense. Take the moral high road. Next time you read a new trending outrageous story, take a look at everything. Remind yourself it is better to be unbiased than blinded.

And for God’s Sake, people; stop playing every character of Law and Order online-there is a reason a court consists of many people and not one single person. Keep that in mind.

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