Bubble Shells

Upon hitting up a great deal on boxed pasta last week at my Tops Market, I am no realizing…I didn’t need 10 boxes. I’m glad I didn’t buy 20, honestly. So I have been spending the last week trying to create various meals where my children will eat it without gagging. Their metabolisms are young, they can handle it. I meanwhile, can only eat a bowl a week as my cheat meal and wanted something I could enjoy as an adult.

Meet our compromise; Bubble Shells.

Rainman has an odd fascination with the fish tank clam shells that bubble when you turn them on. I don’t dare ruin his naive enjoyment by telling him it’s just an air tube. His little four year old wonderment will some day die when he joins the rest of the world, I’m sure. He can’t go more than one mention of clams without getting spastic about the fish tank decoration. When I asked him if he wanted linguine with clams for dinner, I never got an answer because I got an interrogation on why we didn’t have a fish tank with a clam shell aerator.

Anyways, my children (and anyone’s kids under the age of 10) have issues with linguine. I mean it’s basically just for play from point A of the strainer to point B of the plate. My kids can’t twirl the fork, it turns into an angry game of stabbing the table, Mommy needs wine. So to update it for the boys, we used small shells. I assume you can use any pasta, but this is what worked for us.

My picture is terrible; I had to fight the kids for the last 1/2 cup and quickly poor it all into my bowl to have a chance at some!



  • 1 Large Elephant Garlic Clove
  • Can Minced Clams in Juice, DO NOT DRAIN
  • Sea salt, Italian Seasoning, Pepper
  • Splash Lemon Juice
  • 2 OZ Fat Free Cream Cheese
  • Box 1lb. Pasta, cooked al dente and drained

Saute Garlic in small non stick pan with oil until fragrant(I used Garlic oil but not mandatory.) Stir and toss in can of clams and juice. Cook on medium high heat 2-4 minutes. Add a sprinkle each of sea salt, black ground pepper, and Italian seasoning; stir. Add cream cheese and carefully stir with nonstick spatula to disburse and keep from burning. When combined and low rolling boil, add splash of lemon juice and stir. Turn down to simmer and let reduce slightly. Turn off and spoon over cooked pasta-just enough to toss and lightly coat noodles-not as much as in my picture unless you want Clam Soup.



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